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Who Remembers Dean Ashton?

Most of the time, during the occasional meeting with the lads, the subject turns up to imaginary players that we would like to see in our clubs. Some prefers fast and tiny right or left backs, while others would like to have a bulky and muscular full back and some might prefer "flamboyant" midfielders. Apart all of these, I always imagine a striker with power, pace and force.

There are couple of players I've imangined who wore the jerseys of some Premier League teams so far. Currenly, my favorite one is Holt, playing for the newly promoted Canaries, Grant Holt. Although he is 30 years of age right now, he is on top of his careers, in which he has scored 2 of his team's 4-2 win against the Magpies. Other favorite striker plays in his first team after a couple of tries down in England, Gary O'Connor. He is 28 years of age, currently a bit down on his career, but ceratinly a finisher inside the box.

But the player I would like to remind you is not playing anymore unfortunately. Dean Ashton of West Ham United, who retired early in his career because of the injuries, could be a big Number 9 for the Three Lions who were searching for a kind of talent so far for the big tournaments.

He was very talented, very strong and fast inside the box. Although I don't remember his days at Norwich, scoring 20 goals in 44 games in just a season, were the right reason for West Ham to acquire such a player. His West Ham days weren't bad either, but unfortunate injuries have had blocked him to show the real Ashton to the fans of Irons. All we remember was his fabulous performance agains the Liverpool side at the FA Cup Final in 2006. After suffering 2 weeks witht he injuries, he came up and scored his team's second goal, however West Ham have lost the Cup on penalties.

In future, we will remember him with his blonde dyed hair, long socks upon his knees along with his white boots and his typical old-school british football style that made the North London crowds gone wild for a limited amount of time. The player has not involved in any part of football since he announced his retirement after suffering from an ankle njury about a year (he got injured in second week of 2008/09 season after scoring both goals of the opening week against 2-1 win over Wigan). He didn't play in any game of the 2009/10 season and announced his retirement in December 2010.

Although he got offered an assistant management position in Norwich last year, he didn't accept it and still
spending time with his family in his residence in Norwich. We still don't have any clue what so ever he's planning to do, but I'm sure we'll be hearing his name in the football industry soon.
Hopefully in the right and positive way.

P.S: A compilation about him below, hope you'll enjoy!

McDennis / 2011 December

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